Queen's old undies draw big bucks

Here are two ways to know you’ve hit it big:

Panties11)      You have your own diamond-clad Lego figure.

2)      Your old underwear is for sale on eBay.

Queen Elizabeth scores big on both accounts.

Lets deal with the underwear (right photo) first, though it was not even clear that the underwear actually belonged to the Queen. (The Palace wasn’t talking … surprise, surprise.)

The story goes that the undergarments were retrieved by the late “Baron” Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi from a plane that the Queen used while visiting Chile in 1968.

The Hungarian aristocrat held on to the undies -- complete with an embroidered crown and royal ‘E’ -- until his death in 2010 and his estate put them up for sale on eBay a few weeks ago, starting at $4,000.

Lego2Thanks to a last-minute flurry of bids, the final price was $18,101 (U.S.).

To the unknown buyer goes these bloomers in “good condition,” but admittedly with a few stains.

The price tops the $14,950 paid last year for a pair of silk bloomers belonging to Queen Victoria.

With prices like that, Kate Middleton’s underwear drawer could solve the euro crisis.

Perhaps fortunately for the Queen, there is no underwear in Legoland. However, there are a few diamonds.

A Lego model of Elizabeth, complete with a real diamond-encrusted crown, has gone on display at the theme park not far from the Queen’s home in Windsor.

Standing 10 centimetres high, the grey-haired figure joins the rest of the royal crew at the Lego model of Buckingham Palace in time for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, June 2-5.

The crown was done by jewellery designer Dinny Hall and contains 48 cut diamonds worth thousands of dollars.

Lego has made quite an industry of royal squareheads, having done elaborate displays of other big events, including last year’s royal wedding.

Model maker Giorgio Pastero places a the 10cm high figure of Queen Elizabeth into a Lego model of Buckingham Palace at the Legoland theme park in Windsor. (AFP/GettyImages)


CakeA slice of wedding cake from William and Kate's wedding April 29, 2011 went under the hammer at PFC Audtions a few weeks ago. The bidding closed Thursday, with the top bid coming in at 1,598 pounds (about $2,575 Canadian).

At the same time and the same auction house, even older slices of wedding cake were on offer. In one lot, you could get a slice from the wedding cakes of both Charles-Diana (July 29, 1981) and Anne-Mark Phillips (Nov. 14, 1973). Both marriages, you'll recall, ended in divorce.

At the time bidding ended, the price for the two slices was 1,464 pounds (about $2,355 Cdn). Of course, Will and Kate's cake is a little less stale.


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