William shares favourite photo of himself with Queen

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Queen Elizabeth passes her grandson Prince William as she inspects graduates during a passing out parade at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst on Dec. 15, 2006. This is one of William's favourite pictures of himself and the Queen. (AP)

Prince William can’t be faulted for seeking some privacy in his life, but there is one subject he is quite happy to talk about publically – his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

Queen talkHis admiration for her is well known, and he’s given voice to it many times. This week -- as the celebrations gather steam for this weekend's Diamond Jubilee events -- he’s put a little twist on it by pinning one of his favourite pictures of himself and grandma on the Historypin website.

The site features a world map on which people can pin their photos and memories of visits by the Queen.

William added to the interactive map with a photograph of him graduating from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst on Dec. 15, 2006. In the photo, the Queen is inspecting the graduates. She paused to say a few words to William, then turned to continue on her way.  The very proper William can’t resist a smile, and neither can she.

''Taking part in the Sovereign's Parade at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst is a moment I will never forget,” William wrote on Historypin. “After a very demanding 44-week course, it was a memorable celebration of personal and collective achievement for everyone concerned.

' Kate sandhurst'I felt especially proud to receive my commission as an officer in front of my grandmother, The Queen. She has been an incredible role model to me over the years, so it was very special to have her present for my graduation. I know it was also a memorable moment for my fellow officers to take part in the Parade in front of The Queen as Head of the Armed Forces.''

He added: ''I remember The Queen’s words as she addressed us from the tremendous parade ground at Sandhurst: 'You must be courageous yet selfless, leaders yet carers, confident yet considerate.' These qualities of selflessness and duty are values that The Queen has continuously demonstrated over the last 60 years and are qualities that remain very important to me.''

The Sandhurst graduation, in which Prince William was one of 220 cadets who received a commission, was notable for another reason: It was attended by then-girlfriend Kate Middleton (right), the first such appearance by the Duchess-to-be at such a high-profile occasion.

Like the Queen, Kate wore red, and she sat in the stands with her parents Carole and Michael. Rumours of an impending engagement ran wild, but not long after, reports circulated that Will and Kate had split.

Within a few months, though, they were back together. The rest of the story you know.



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"Get that smirk off your face lad or I'll have your guts for garters, you 'orrible little Royal!!"

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