Prince Charles digs deeper into public tax purse

Prince Charles waves as he arrives on Centre Court this week to watch Wimbledon tennis. (Reuters)

The British public had to dig a little deeper into their own pockets last year to help Prince Charles keep up with royal life.

As mandated, the Prince’s annual financial report was made public on Friday, and it showed the funding he receives from grants-in-aid and government departments rose 11.8 per cent, from $3,139,000 to $3,510,000 (all figures in Canadian dollars).

That’s the money spent for official travel and the upkeep of Clarence House.

How much he paid for the royal wedding, however, remains hidden in the accounts.

His total income, which also includes the Duchy of Cornwall estate, rose to $32.6 million. The bottom line for Charles’s own wallet is that he made $29 million last year, up 3 per cent. With business expenses deducted, the taxes paid on that was $7.2 million.

Here are a few other figures:

-          $15 million was spent on official duties or charity work, of which $10.7 million went to paying staff.

-          Though we don’t know how much he spent on the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the money came from his “non-offical” expenditures, which went up $112,000 last year to $4.2 million.

-          There are 135 full-time equivalent staff working for Charles -- about the same as the year before -- though they also support the activities of Prince William and Kate, and Prince Harry.

-          $209 million was raised for the Charles’s 16 core charities, up from $196.4 million.

-          Charles and Camilla travelled 77,248 kilometres for the year ended March 31 to official engagements. There were also 670 official engagements, an impressive total by even royal standards.

So, how much has Charles spent on clothes for Kate? That information, not surprisingly, is not given out this report, though it is within the $15.7 million spent for performing official duties. That’s about $600,000 more than the previous year. It has been guesstimated that Kate has spent about $56,000 on clothes this year alone. When asked about disclosing clothing costs, one royal aide told the BBC it would be “rather impolite.”

Clarence House put down the increase in overall expenses to "more overseas visits by The Prince and The Duchess; more overseas visits by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and by Prince Harry; longer distances travelled during those visits; and, the inclusion in the latest financial year of part of the costs of Spring Tour in 2011 (to Portugal, Spain and Morocco)."

One royal source, speaking to the Daily Mail, declared the increases in spending to be "fairly marginal."

That's a debate that will go on for some time.




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How much of that is my tax dollars?

So ok. how much did supporting the royal s cost me? A buck, 20 bucks? That 60 million people supported an increase of about 5 cents each isn't really news. If your artical was about how much Charles costs me, I might be interested/

NO I think there is no debate as there is no interest. What a facile ending coment from a junior.

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