Queen and Kate add sparkle to Diamond Jubilee visit

Visit laugh Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge laughs as Queen Elizabeth  gestures while they watch part of a children's sports event during a visit to Vernon Park in Nottingham on Wednesday. (Reuters)

The Queen and Kate make quite a pair when they're out on the town. Despite 56 years difference in age, they seem to share a natural bond with the crowds that greet them.

They also put on a pretty good fashion show.

Visit legs vThe Queen and future queen were joined by Prince William on Wednesday for a visit to Nottingham in the East Midlands of the UK. The Queen's usual partner, Prince Philip, is still in London, recuperating at home from a bladder infection that landed him in hospital for five days last week.

The hectic pace of Diamond Jubilee celebrations last week hasn't seemed to slow down the 86-year-old Queen, or weakened the enthusiastic response of her subjects when she arrives on the scene. A crowd estimated at 35,000 packed the city square as the Queen and her Will-Kate sidekicks did a walkabout on the street (among the flowers presenters was Isabelle Weall, 8, right photo) and then waved from the balcony of Council House. The crowd then broke into 'God Save the Queen' and offered three cheers.

The smiling Queen stood out in her matching turquoise Stewart Parvin suit and a hat by Rachel Trevor-Morgan. Kate recycled the blue tweed Missoni coat she wore on a visit with the Queen and Camilla several months ago, adding a navy blue hat by Trevor-Morgan.

The Queen had travelled to Nottingham from Sandringham via Royal Train while Will and Kate drove to meet her at the station. As they waited for the monarch's arrival, several people on the opposite side of the tracks were seen waving flags.

"Are you waiting for the same train we are?" William shouted.

The Prince kept up the one-liners later when they joined dignitarites at Nottingham's Council House.

The mayor of Broxtowe, Margaret Handley, related to the Daily Mail one of the exchanges with William: "Somebody said to him, 'You look taller in person,' and he said 'I'm not wearing my high heels today.'"

The royal trio had several stops to make during the day, including a sports field at Vernon Park, where the Queen unveiled a plaque for the Queen Elizabeth Fields Challenge, a charity that creates recreational spaces.

In a speech, Prince William sang the praises of the charity and especially his grandmother, for “the extraordinary devotion and love (she) had shown to the people of this country and the Commonwealth.”

Visit trio h
Queen Elizabeth is flanked by Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge on the balcony of Council House in Nottingham on Wednesday during a visit to the East Midlands. Below, Will and Kate try their hand at throwing foam javelins as they took part in children's sports events at Vernon Park. (AFP/GettyImages)

Visit javelin 2 Visit javelin

Visit queen

Queen Elizabeth is presented with flowers during the visit to Nottingham. (AP Photo)

Visit kate h
The Duchess of Cambridge smiles as she meets members of the public in Market Square during a visit to Nottingham on Wednesday. (AFP/Getty Images)

Visit crown
Kate receives flowers from a little would-be prince, Brendon Morris, during a visit to Nottingham. (AFP/Getty Images)

Visit tent
The Duchess of Cambridge, a former Brownie, helps scouts erect a tent as part of a children's sports event while visiting Vernon Park. (Getty Images)

Visit curtsy
Duchess of Cambridge curtsies as her and her husband Prince William bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth  during a visit to Vernon Park in Nottingham. (Reuters)

Visit beauties
Queen Elizabeth meets beauty queens during a visit to the Olympic swimming pool and the Cube at Corby on the latest leg of her Diamond Jubilee tour of the east Midlands on Wednesday. (AFP/Getty Images)


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"Duchess of Cambridge curtsies as her and her husband Prince William bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth during a visit to Vernon Park in Nottingham"

As her and her husband? Really? Even if the caption also came from Reuters (and I am unsure if it did, or only the picture), surely SOMEONE has the grammar knowledge to make the correction? "her" did not bid farewell to Her Majesty... "she" may have, but "her" certainly didn't.

Major grammar error..
"Duchess of Cambridge curtsies as her and her husband Prince William..."
should be
"Duchess of Cambridge curtsies as SHE and her husband Prince William..."

Should be "Duchess of Cambridge curtsies as SHE and her husband Prince William bid farewell..." not Duchess of Cambridge curtsies as her and her husband Prince William bid farewell..."

Far from infusing youth and freshness in the way she dresses, I find Kate's sense of fashion extremely rigid and gaudy. For such a young, newly married woman, there's nothing playful or colourful about her clothing. A lot of serious, austere navies, or cream, and a lot of doily like lace, the kind that covers granny's chairs. No wonder she's a good match to the queen, she dresses just like her!

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