Kate's teeth turn rotten in U.S. magazine makeover

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Here's one way to draw attention. Take the perfectly presentable pearly whites of the Duchess of Cambridge and replace them with stained, crooked, rotting teeth.

147824930The New Republic, the American political magazine, is taking some heat for its portrayal of Kate on this week's cover of the magazine. To illustrate the declining British economy and its bleak future, they photoshopped one of the UK's biggest image exports, Kate Middleton, and turned her smile into a stereotype of bad British teeth.

News websites in Britain and beyond were quick to jump on the image, eliciting some outrage from its readers for defiling the Duchess. Comments ranged from "cheap shot," "disgusting," and "rude"  to "quite funny, really. Not as bad as the Queen Mother's though."

Bad taste? Clever? We'll lean toward the former. Will it sell magazines? You betcha.

The burning question, of course, is whose teeth were photoshopped into her mouth?

Kate's smile didn't come cheap. French dentist Didier Fillion is credited with doing the orthodontic work that adds to her photographic charm.

This is not the first time that the Duchess has been the victim of Photoshop. Just after her wedding, Grazia magazine's cover featured her with a slimmed down waist (below). It later apologized.

Kate's real smile, meanwhile, is expected to be on display again Sunday for the men's final of the Wimbledon tennis championships.

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What a mean, miserable affront to a lovely lady who radiates beauty, goodness and graciouness. They have sunk really low to sell their trashy tripe. Old Britain has seen many tough times before and the tight little island will tough it out one more time, led by noble William and his radiantly royal Lady.

Her name is not Kate Middleton since the marriage.

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