Mourners mark Diana's death

PARIS - Admirers from around the world are paying tribute to Princess Diana at the Paris tunnel where she was killed in a car crash 15 years ago.


Tourists prayed in front of the Flame of Liberty monument to Diana above the site. Flowers, photos and messages were piled around.

British visitor Patricia Williams said Friday that Diana "became an icon. She was a very beautiful woman and things have passed on now. But Charles is now happy and I hope her sons have come to terms with it."


Princess Diana and her partner Dodi Al Fayed died when the Mercedes they were in plowed into a pillar in the Alma Tunnel on Aug. 31, 1997. French police said driver Henri Paul, who also died, had been drinking heavily and was speeding. The Associated Press


Earlier this month, the Duchess of Cambridge paid homage to Princess Diana naming her as a style influence as she was listed on Vanity Fair's International Best-dressed list.



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The Flame of Liberty is an exact copy of the flame on the Statue of Liberty in New York and has been located above the Alma Tunnel for more than 100 years. It is NOT a memorial to Diana, but people have adopted it as such. The sculpture is a reminder that France gave the Statue of Liberty to the USA to celebrate its centennial in 1876.

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