Prince William rescues teen from the sea


Prince William captained his Sea King helicopter crew in a rescue mission for an exhausted teen who was floundering in Silver Bay off the Welsh coast. (AP)

Some quick action by Prince William and his RAF helicopter crew resulted in the rescue of a 16-year-old girl Thursday evening.

The teen and her 13-year-old sister were body-boarding on Silver Bay, not far from the RAF Valley base in Wales where the Prince is works as a search and rescue pilot.

The younger girl ran into trouble with the riptide and her sister swam out to help, but ran into trouble of her own. Coastguards alerted the RAF and that’s when the Sea King helicopter captained by Flight Lt. Wales went into action, taking just 38 seconds to arrive at the scene. A winch was used to lift the exhausted teen from the choppy waters.

"She had scrapes, was very cold, shocked and had swallowed water,” one rescuer said. “She had been in serious difficulties and was very lucky."

Her sister had managed to get to shore with the help of other surfers.

“The prompt response may well have saved this girl’s life,” said Barry Priddis, the coastguard watch manager.

The teen and her sister were taken to a local hospital to be checked out.

Prince William has been involved in several rescue operations in Wales, where he has been stationed for a few years. He is due to make a decision this fall on whether he will continue to serve in the RAF or take up full-time royal duties. The most recent talk has been around finding a way to allow him more time for royal duties while still fulfilling his military commitment, perhaps as a helicopter pilot instructor.


PhilipPrince Philip remained in hospital Friday, fighting a bladder infection and under strict orders to rest.

Reports are that no visitors are allowed, though he is keeping in touch with family by phone. The 91-year-old Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary on Wednesday, his third hospitalization since December.

He was in hospital for five days in June, also with a bladder infection, and over Christmas had an operation to clear a blocked coronary artery.



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