Royals bracing for more embarrassing Prince Harry photos

Prince Harry and his sister-in-law Kate were ambassadors for Great Britain during the Olympics. Don't expect Harry to continue that role during the Paralympics. (Getty Images)

That growling you hear is the knot in the collective Royal Family stomach tightening.

You won’t see it on their faces, of course, which will remain stiff upper lip as it does through most internal messes. But, having been sucker punched once already this past week, they know they are exposed for another potential blow if more pictures emerge from Prince Harry’s lost weekend in Vegas.

Stories have emerged in the last few days that suggest this Dirty Harry episode will have a sequel, with more naked pictures and/or video showing up. After all, who would believe there were only two (2) pictures taken of royal during his early-morning strip billiards game?

There are reports that one of the 15 or so girls in the prince’s suite that Aug. 18 night is looking for major dollars to tell her tale (the first ones sold for about $16,000). Two others with pictures to sell already approached and were turned down by a PR company. And now a celebrity blogger with Las Vegas Review-Journal, Norm Clarke, claims a source has a “gigantic development” coming from the Vegas trip.

These may all turn out to be dead-end tattling, but it can’t help but keep the Royal Family from a gnawing pit in the stomach.

As for Harry, he is paying for his sins in other ways:

2012-08-24T090715Z_01_TOB501_RTRMDNP_3_BRITAIN-PRINCE-NAKED-          There are reports that Harry’s most recent girlfriend, model Cressida Bonas, has dumped him in the wake of the Vegas weekend. She was with Harry and friends at the Necker resort in the British Virgin Islands just days before the Nevada fling.

-          Harry is due back at his military base in Wattisham, Suffolk, where he will be officially reprimanded for his behaviour out of uniform. The London Sun -- the only British paper to print the naked Harry photos (right) -- quotes a source saying that the prince will “be reminded that he has overstepped the mark.” Another report says he could be grounded from flying Apache helicopters should he bring any more discredit to the Army. Harry is still expected to be part of a force heading to Afghanistan later this year.

-          No more social media for Harry, at least not on Facebook. He had maintained a page under the name Spike Wells for some 400 ‘friends’ under maximum security settings, but that account has been terminated on the advice of his private secretary Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton. Two of Harry’s close friends, Tom Inskip and Arthur Landon, as well as one of security people, have also closed their accounts. A few pictures from Landon’s page ended up widely circulated last week detailing some of the partying that was going on at Necker.

-          Prince Harry was expected to play a prominent role during the Paralympics, including representing the Queen at the closing ceremony Sept. 9, just as he did at the Olympics. The Telegraph reports that organizers no longer expect him to be around much. The official excuse will likely be military commitments, but there is no question his role as a Paralympic ambassador for Team Great Britain will only prove to be a distraction for all involved. Just as the naked Harry pictures were enveloping the internet last week, the Palace released a video of Harry talking about the Games (see video below).

-          Having already been told to ‘lie low’ by his father Charles, he spent the weekend at Balmoral in the company of his grandparents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. That must have been a little awkward, though Philip must have had to suppress a grin or two.




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Very sad, complete breach of trust, power and abuse. Sure he can have sexual orgies with anyone he wants, and as many as he wants, he can drink and use drugs as much as he wants. I say get rid of this embarrassing family who spend more money on hats than helping to feed the hungry children like Diana did. Shame to this family for taking it from us, then fluffing it right back in our faces. No, get a job, real one not one where they simply pin medals on you for nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Hey Harry, Consider yourself PERSONA NON GRATA in Canada from now on. Taxpayers of Canada unite and make sure he gets this message. Canada has much to do to help the poor, the hungry, we don't need a snotty royal prancing on our soil. Glad his girlfiend ditched him too. Wake up women, this guy is a user!

It`s OK...the royal family can use a simple DNA test to show that Harry is not Charles' son and distance him from the royal family once and for all. There is not much of a doubt having seen pictures of Harry and James Gilbey that the latter is Harry`s father...

I meant not Kibley but Hewitt that is...the other one on the list of Diana`s lover..

We lived in England at the time of Diana's death, and Canada was blacked out of a lot of news in the UK. She said on the Panarama BBC show that she would be back the following week to tell us all something about the Queen that would shock the world. She was dead before the following week and never came back for the 2nd part of her interview. She was slating us UK/US/ Canadians by saying we were blowing legs off of children in Cambodia by selling them land mines. Be careful what you say about her. The UK papers in those days wrote things like "she is like a loose cannon, always shooting her mouth off." Another politician said 'she needs to go to a Gucci so they can sew her a designer zip on her mouth so she can zip it shut when she should'. We never knew the 'not so nice' princess we were all lead to believe her to be on this side of the pond.
Seems the apple didn't fall far from the tree here ~ another wild child hey?

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