Strip if you support Harry


As the British Royal Family braces itself for more photos and/or videos of Harry's naked Vegas romp, scores of people have taken to social media to, er, shed their accoutrements in support of the beleaguered Prince.

The photo above, for example, is from a Facebook group called "Support Prince Harry with a naked salute!" As of Tuesday around noon, the group had 15,831 members.

A similar phenomenon is happening on Twitter, through the hashtag "#salute4harry".

This must be a good-news/bad-news prospect for the Royal Family. On the one hand, Harry is obviously popular enough that thousands of people are willing to drop their drawers in support of him (though we're not exactly talking about an endorsement from the likes of Nelson Mandella here).

On the other, one can only imagine that the Queen would take a very dim view of an online campaign for her grandson, led by hordes of out-of-the-closet nudists.

Further support for Harry is evident in the 3,600 complaints that the UK Press Complaints Commission has reportedly received over the Sun's decision to publish the naked photos. According to the Guardian:

The Press Complaints Commission received a deluge of complaints over the weekend about the Sun's front-page splash on Friday.
Most of the 3,600 complaints had been received by Tuesday afternoon over an alleged invasion of Prince Harry's privacy by publishing the pictures.

Harry is scheduled to appear at the Paralympics next week.


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Hordes, not hoards.

At least its still fun to be a Prince with a sense of humour ! Leave Him alone,
The Royals no matter who they are do more good for the human race than
anyone else...Lady Dianna for instance... The Press blow everything outa
wak always...

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