Britons can't help but take a web peek at topless Kate


Even the thought of topless photos of Kate elicted howls of protest from Britons intent on protecting the image of their future Queen.

Based the latest poll , though, at least one in five Britons were quick to scour the web for those very images that no UK paper would dare touch. (Undoubtedly, the interest in the photos was purely scientific.)

The results of the YouGov poll of 1,600 UK residents, published in the Sun paper in London, revealed that a huge majority of Britons (72 per cent) backed Will and Kate's decision to sue Closer magazine over the photos taken at a private chateau in France.

On the other hand, natural curiousity has a pretty strong pull in cases like this ... the forbidden fruit, so to speak.

The pull is especially strong among the young in Britain. Almost half (47 per cent) of those 18-24 years old found the images online, and most of those were men (surprise!). Among 25-39-year-olds, that number was 32 per cent. The older the resident, the less likely they were to bother looking.

In other words, while Britain was busy wagging a collective finger at the French, Italians, Irish, Danes and Swedes -- with magazines in those countries publishing the offending photos --  a good swath of the British populace (1 in 5 overall) was using their other fingers to tap out Google searches.

The French gossip magazine Closer was the first to expose Kate, and since then it says it has received more than 300 "insulting emails, of which several contain death threats," the Telegraph reports. Only 300?

It's reported that one reader promised editor Laurence Pieau to "never let her stay in peace."

Some of the more threatening emails have been turned over to police, who continue their criminal investigation and search for the photographer. Closer says it does not own the photos and only bought first exclusive rights to them. It has also refused to name the paparazzo who pointed his long lens at Prince William and the Duchess sunbathing by the pool about 600 metres away.

And speaking of Kate, where has she been? After a hectic and eventful nine days in the constant spotlight during the royal tour of Asia and the South Pacific, she and William have gone back into their royal cocoon.

They were expected to appear at a wedding of one of Kate's childhood friends over the weekend in Bucklebury, the Middletons' home ground. Instead it was Kate's sister Pippa and mom Carole who carried the family banner, reports the Daily Mail.

Kate and the bride, Mary Bucknell, were buddies when they were part of the local Brownie pack as kids.

The Queen and Andy Warhol

Queen warhol
Andy Warhol portraits of Queen Elizabeth will form part of the "Portraits of a Monarch" exhibit starting in November at Windsor Castle until June 2013. The a formal photograph of the Queen from 1977 (AP Photo)

The Queen is not quite Campbell Soup or Marilyn Monroe, but she was certainly interesting enough for the eclectic Andy Warhol tomake her one of his pop art subjects in 1985.

It took 27 years, but the Queen has now embraced Warhol's vision and is including his four multi-coloured portraits in an exhibit at Windsor Castle, titled "Portraits of a Monarch."

Warhol's screenprints of the Queen were based on her official photograph from the Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977.

It was the Royal Collection Trust which purchased the artwork, but Royal Librarian Jane Roberts said the Queen has approved the purchase of the prints from a special limited edition of 30.

"The Warhol prints of the Queen are in many ways the most important popular image of the queen to be created by an artist print maker over the last few decades," Roberts said.

Warhol's portraits was originially included in his "Reigning Queens" collection, which was made up of 16 portarits of four reigning Queens: Elizabeth, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Queen Ntombi Twala of Swaziland and Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.


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I've not gone looking for the Kate topless pics myself, but one can hardly argue that they are not of extraordinary news value. I mean, who would ever have guessed that our future Queen has breasts? OK, sarcasm aside, there is no one without fault in this silly mess. The photographer should be spanked, the editors made juvenile choices, and while she deserves privacy, Kate should really have known better in this digital age than to take her top off outside her bathroom or bedroom.

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