Zombie royals by Canadian artist give Brits the shivers

Credit: Images of zombie-fied Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth from 'Zombiewood' by Rob Sacchetto.

Rob Sacchetto knows how to get under the British skin ... and veins and brains and rotting gums for that matter.

Sacchetto, you see, is a "Zombie Illustrator", as is evidenced by the above pieces of his artwork. Better yet, he's born and bred in Sudbury, Ontario, a city that is used to digging things out of the earth.

It's his business to turn perfectly normal-looking people into hideous undead creatures. Celebrities are not immune, and that includes the Royal Family.

Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth were given the rotting treatment in Sacchetto's 2010 book 'Zombiewood.' You don't even have to squint to see the family resemblence under Sacchetto's talented yet poisoned pen.

This past week, the Daily Mail website in London published a story on Sacchetto, highlighting the royal corpses among the many other celebs-turned-worm-food images from his collection, which includes Marilyn Monroe, Donald Trump and Alfred Hitchcock.

The sight of the decaying corpses of the current and future monarch certainly caught the attention of some readers, many barely containing their gag reflex at both the paper and this warped fellow from the colonies.

Commented one: "What sort of reader is the DM trying to attact I wonder, proving that one cannot underestimate the taste of the newspaper reading public ..."

Another: "What is the matter with the DM that it does these sick articles."

Zombie_creatorAnd another: "What business has a national newspaper showing pictures that will give our kids nightmares without a warning outside the story, with no pics until within it?"

One reader from Toronto lept to the 43-year-old artist's defence: "I love these! Quite a few uptight responses, but art is suposed to elicit a response so this fellow is quite a success."

As for Sacchetto (right -- with his zombie self-portrait) any type of reaction is better than a graveyard barbeque at midnight. "Oh, you love me, you really really love me!" he commented on the site. "Thank you all for your kind, wonderful words, your insight and your encouragement! More nightmares to come!"

Sacchetto, the creator of two zombie books and thousands of macabre makeovers in his 25-year career, has yet to tackle Prince William and Kate, but be forewarned: "I really have not gotten around to doing more yet, but one day soon, I may do the entire Royal Family," Sacchetto replied in an email to us. "That should ruffle some feathers!"

And test their sense of humour.



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One word for this is: Disgusting.

Maybe the artist is trying to show us the "real" picture? The monarchy has been hanging around (self-appointed) for a thousand years. It's been dead for more than a hundred. Will the monarchists ever catch-on? Do these pictures help to explain?

This is truly disgusting Mr. Sacchetto, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.
Zombies or monsters in video games is one thing, but to deface real persons,
living persons, only shows that you truly have no sense of decency, and certainly no talent. ~ John.

In order to "test [someone's] sense of humour," a thing has to at least be funny in the first place. These are just crude, juvenile examples of how to be offensive for the sake of self-aggrandizement.


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