'Cheeky' boy gets his wish ... a hug from Duchess Kate


Hug1Terry Campbell, aged 10, asks and gets a hug from the Duchess of Cambridge  during a visit to Newcastle Civic Centre on Wednesday. (AP Photos)

Terry Campbell had his plan all set for the Duchess of Cambridge's visit to Newcastle Upon Tyne. Get close to the rail, catch her eye, then fling out his arms. There was no way she was going to miss those red-and-white striped knit gloves and bright green hoodie.

She didn't.

As Kate made her way along the route lined with schoolchildren on Wednesday, 10-year-old Terry seized his moment and stretched out his arms.

"Am I going to get a cuddle as well?" she asked, before bending down to embrace the youngster.

"It was good," Terry told the Telegraph later. "I was hoping to get a hug from her when we came here this morning. I never actually thought it would happen. I can't believe she hugged me back.

"She was everything I thought she would be. She was really nice."

Terry was one of 11 schoolchildren who accompanied their teacher Kim Ramsey from Blyth, about 22 kilometres away, to see the Duchess.

"We asked the children to come up with a question for her and he decided he was going to ask for a hug," Ramsey said. "He’s such a cheeky little lad. He just said: ‘I’m going to stick my hands out and get a hug.'"

While it was a moment to remember for Terry, a schoolmate couldn't help take the excitement down a notch: "The one thing he really wanted, though, was a kiss."

Kate, wearing the same burgundy coat she wore Christmas Day, was doing a solo day of touring, while Prince William attended the funeral of his former nanny, Olga Powell. She greeted Olympic Games volunteers at Newcastle Civic Centre, then went on a tour of a park to plant some seeds.

Her visit to northeast England also included trips to several charities, including Action on Addiction.

Kate is greeted by crowds of schoolchildren as she visits  Elswick Park's community garden on Wednesday in Newcastle Upon Tyne. (Getty Images)

Catherine, Duchess  of Cambridge meets children as she visits Elswick Park where she visited a community garden on Wednesday in Newcastle Upon Tyne. (Getty Images)

Duchess  Duchess1


Kate smiles and gestures to the crowds in Newcastle Upon Tyne Wednesday. She wore the same coat (minus the belt) by an unnamed designer for her Christmas Day walk at Sandringham last year.

Two year-old Lola Mackay refuses to let go of the flowers she was due to give to Kate during an official visit to the CRI Stockton Recovery Service, in Stockton-On-Tees, on Wednesday. Stockton Recovery Service is a support for people over 18 years old who are using drugs. (AFP/Getty Images)


Catherine, Duchess  of Cambridge visits the Keyfund Office, a charity that encourages young people to reach their full potential in life by investing in their ideas, on Wednesday in Gateshead. (Getty Images)

Girls school pays tribute to Queen


Queen 1
Queen Elizabeth was given another memorable reminder of her 60 years on the throne on Tuesday as she unveiled a monument in Windsor.

The sculpture was designed by Caroline Basra, a 15-year-old student at Windsor Girls' School, as her entry in a Windsor and Eton Society competition to find a worthy tribute to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The artwork is made up of 59 spheres of polished stainless steel and topped by one made of glass.

(AFP/Getty Images)


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