Pippa does a wardrobe workout as she launches 'Celebrate'

Pippa Middleton poses for photographers to promote her first book, "Celebrate," in London on Thursday. (Reuters)

Pippa Middleton may not prove to be the world's greatest book seller, but you've got to give her credit for her quick-change artistry.

Pippa 1The party-planning sister of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge wore no less than four different outfits on Thursday in a whirlwind display of public posing for the launch of her party-planning book "Celebrate."

She started the day in a multi-coloured outfit at Foyles book store, then she changed into an plum-coloured outfit from Roksanda Ilincic.

A dress filled with sparkles was next, from the British label LBD, as she helped kids put together Halloween goodies and crafty stuff, then into a sleeveless Stella McCartney number (right).

So, she has the designer-swapping down pat. Sister Kate would be impressed. But is the book any good?

While some have given the 29-year-old Pippa a "good effort" type of rating, it is unlikely to make a Pulitzer impact -- and some have called it an all-to-obvious attempt to cash in on royal relatives. The Star's Amy Pataki did not give Pippa high marks in her review of the 417-page book, calling it "simplistic and lacklustre."

Right now, it doesn't seem to matter how much merit people give the book. Pippa's name alone is driving sales in the opening week. It is No. 67 on the Amazon.uk site and has been riding the top 100 even before it goes into wide circulation.

Mind you, the book is being heavily discounted. The $40 cover price has been knocked down to $25 both in the UK and Canada. Even Party Pieces, the Middleton family's party business, is offering the book at a discount ($32) though they are also making an $8 donation to charity for each book sold.

The trick now is for Pippa to stay visible enough through the early Christmas shopping period to make this book pay off and justify the $600,000-plus advance payment. There is already talk that she is in talks to prepare a second book (wedding planning?).

In terms of marketing, Pippa still has a ways to go, since she is deliberately steering away from full-on interview situations. The children's Halloween party as a backdrop to one of her stops on Thursday was nice, but it didn't go off without a hitch.

The Telegraph reports that one little girl told Pippa: "I hate princesses."

Pippa quickly recovered with a hearty laugh and a retort: "Better not talk about that one!"

Pippa 2
Pippa Middleton looks like she enjoyed -- for once anyway -- posing for photographers on Thursday. (Reuters)

Pippa 3
Pippa Middleton holds all the right props as she celebrates "Celebrate." (Reuters)





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