Police set to arrest 'topless Kate' photographer

Kate and will
Catherine, Duchess  of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge looked none too pleased on the day a French magazine published pictures of Kate topless. The couple was in Kuala Lumpur on Day 4 of their tour of Asia and the South Pacific. (Getty Images)

The mystery of the topless Kate photos is moving one step closer to resolution.

French police now know the identity of the photographer who took the snaps that shook the royal world in September and are, according to reports, on the verge of arresting him/her.

Mag"The photographer is expected to be held for questioning imminently," a source told the Mirror in London.

The pictures were taken from hundreds of metres away on a road outside the Chateau D'Autet, where Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge were sunbathing while on vacation.

As many as 200 photos were taken. Closer magazine in Paris was the first to publish pictures, followed by publications in Italy, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark.

Under strict French privacy laws, the photographer could be fined up to $57,000 and be jailed for a year.

Will and Kate are taking an aggressive stand on this "grotesque" breach of their privacy, determined to draw the line in the sand for paparazzi and bring this one particular photographer to justice. They already succeeded in preventing Closer from publishing any more pictures and the ones in the magazine's possession were turned over to the Palace.

The royals were especially furious because the publication came just at the height of their tour of Asia and the South Pacific.

The scene of the crime was the Chateau d'Autet in Provence. The photographer was stationed



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Fantastic that this kind of intrusive photography is being treated as a criminal offence.

Am sure this comment won't be posted but hopefully another few people will think like me that if she had kept her top on there would be no topless pictures of her.

Not the first time a photographer will use a long lense to snap a celebrity topless etc while outside thinking nobody could see them.

57,000 is a little much to be suing this man for. But the Middleton's have every right to their privacy, and I think what they are doing is very appropriate, especially when they are on "vacation".

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