Duchess Kate shares personal photos from royal tour

Duchess jungle1
Photo taken during a walk in the jungle close to the danum Valley research station.

We know she looks pretty good in front of the camera, and it turns out she's not bad behind the lens either (in an arty kind of way).

ForestThe Duchess of Cambridge released seven pictures on her website Wednesday (see more below) that she took while on the royal tour of Borneo in September (right).

Granted, given the lush surroundings, it's hard to take a bad picture, but it's obvious Kate has an eye for framing nature and playing with the forest light.

From the forest floor in the rainforest to an aerial view of Mount Kinabalu, Kate mixed colour and black&white images into her scrapbook for the trip that was also noteworthy for coming at the same time as the topless pictures of Kate broke onto the world stage.

Kate has long been fascinated by photography and has worked at developing her hobby. Before royal life interceded, she used to take pictures for her parents' Party Pieces business.

Kate cameraShe also was something of a shutterbug in her very first royal tour as she travelled across Canada. While Willian was doing a helicopter demonstration on Lake Delvay in Prince Edward Island, the duchess was busy snapping shots for the family album (right).

What these latest Borneo photographs lack, of course, is William -- she's probably got plenty anyway -- or any human being for that matter.

The prince was the subject of another set of photographs this week when the Palace did a gallery of a day in the life of William at his RAF base in Wales.

It seems to all be part of drawing attention to the new website launched by Clarence House, where images have taken centre stage. Now that Kate's landscapes are out of the way, perhaps this new 'let-the-public-in' attitude might be widened to include whatever snaps she took from her Canadian tour last year. Surely there's a moose or two on that memory card.

Duchess jungle 7
Many hues of green and blue, clouds and trees, mix together in this rainforest view.

Duchess jungle 6
Kate snapped this scene while travelling by car through the rainforest in Danum Valley.

Mount Kinabalu is the highest point in Borneo. The pictures was taken on the flight to Solomon Islands.

Duchess jungle 4
The silhouette of an orangutan is seen in a tree in the rainforest of Borneo.

Duchess jungle 5
This photo of a palm oil plantation was taken while flying to the Royal Society research station in Sabah, Malaysia.

Duchess jungle 2 v

This photo was taken during a private walk through part of the jungle, close to the Danum Valley research station.


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