Pippa strikes back at critics -- on paper and in nightclub

One thing Pippa Middleton is learning pretty quick -- you've got to have a tough skin as an author.

151300663The 29-year-old's party planning book, "Celebrate," has met with, shall we say, mixed reviews. And while it is still in the top 20 bestsellers in food and drink category on Amazon in the UK, the trend is downward.

There's a few signs lately that some of the criticism may have nicked her ego.

Item #1: She penned a piece for the Sunday Telegraph defending her book (billed as "confronts her critics") and -- perhaps thinking everyone has missed the point -- went into a long history of her personal passion for cooking and party planning. Perhaps it's all part of the marketing plan, but it smacks a little of PR panic. And she's pretty much put herself under the broiler for not doing any interviews.

Pippa takes us through her days working in the kitchen of a pub in Berkshire, through to throwing parties for her school chums at Edinburth University, all in a effort, we suppose, to make her appear as ordinary folk.

"Celebrate, my book on entertaining, has been a labour of love," she write. "I have put my heart and soul into it, obsessing over every detail. I could have written a book that showcased the most extravagant or elaborate of occasions -- after all, I spent three years working for an events company planning parties -- but I wanted to produce something that was achievable; something that people would have on their shelves for years; something that was not too fussy -- just simple and comforting."

Edie campbellItem #2: Over the weekend, Pippa and Chanel model Edie Campbell (right) apparently got into a tiff at a posh London nightclub.

The two women were attending the 30th birthday party of Campbell's boyfriend, Otis Ferry (son of singer Bryan Ferry) at Loulou's. The Daily Mail quotes onlookers as saying Campbell criticized Pippa's book -- "girls in those circles can be very unkind with one another," said one guest --  and wasn't exactly welcoming toward Pippa.

"Edie is a bit of a tough cookie -- she's not afraid to speak her mind and she has never particularly warmed to Pippa," said a guest. "Edie was sufficiently aloof for Pippa to have cause to enquire as to whether there was some kind of problem, or if something was wrong. It was a case of a bit of a few feathers being ruffled."

Suffice to say, that's one part of party planning not covered in Pippa's book.

Queen's 'pikinini' wows Papua New Guinea

Prince Charles and Camilla are driven around Sir John Guise Stadium in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea in souped-up pickup truck on Sunday. (Getty Images)

Prince Charles and Camilla scored plenty of regal points in the opening days of their two-week tour of Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand.

155427123And all it took was a few lessons in Tok Pisin, one of the three official languages of Papua New Guina. Speaking before a friendly crowd at the stadium in Port Moresby, Prince Charles broke into the native tongue and immediately drew the loud cheers.

"Mi bringim bikpela tok hamamas bilong mejesti kwin Papua Niugini na olgeta haus lain bilong mi lon dispela taim bilong Diamon Jubili misis kwin. Mi tokpisin olrite?"

For those not familiar with the dialect, it translates to: "I bring you greetings from Her Majesty the Queen of Papua New Guinea and from all my family members during this celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen. Was my Pisin correct?"

Under a sweltering sun, Charles and Camilla attended an open-air church service, viewed a military parade and toured a cultural show featuring 3,000 children and dancers. They also visited the village of Boera, where the couple was presented with shell necklaces.

Through it all, Camilla kept her head and Anna Valentine dress covered under a parasol.

Camilla and Prince Charles are greeted by traditionally attired dancers in Sir John Guise Stadium after a cultural performance on Sunday in Port Moresby. (Getty Images)

Prince Charles is the centre of attention as he walks through a cultural display at the Sir John Guise Stadium in Port Moresby. (AP)

Camilla and Prince Charles look at fish as they visit Borea Village on Sunday in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. (Getty Images)

Prince Charles and and his wife Camilla at Boera village, 20 kilometers west of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. (AP)


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