Pregnant Kate "feeling better" as William smiles after hospital visit

Prince william
Prince William leaves after visting his wife Catherine at King Edward VII Hospital in London on Tuesday. (Reuters)

First it was elation, then worry, and now relief.

The Royal Family and its fans have gone through a roller-coaster 24 hours -- first with the not-as-planned pregnancy announcement, then a tense period as the Duchess of Cambridge went to hospital with a rare condition of acute morning sickness, and now with some comforting words from the Palace that all is well.

WilliamKate is "continuing to feel better," said a release from St. James's Palace, just as Prince William was finishing his visit with Kate on Day 2 of her stay at London's King Edward VII Hospital on Tuesday.

He emerged from a day by his wife's side with a smile on his face, having been reassured of Kate's health after meeting with her doctors.

The horde of media continued to camp outside the hospital playing their waiting game, but there was little to come from official sources, although a St. James's spokesperson did say that Kate and William were "immensely grateful for the good wishes they have received."

He added that the duchess will remain in hospital "at present" for continued treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum.

She had been on an IV drip to hydrate her as she combats the illness which kept her vomiting through the weekend while staying at the Middleton family home in Bucklebury.

Kate is somewhere in her third month of pregnancy. Originally, reports are that the couple didn't plan on revealing the pregnancy until 12 weeks, which would have made a nice Christmas present for the Royal Family at the Queen's annual get-together at Sandringham.

Her type of morning sickness condition strikes only in about 2 per cent of pregnancies, the sufferers being mainly women giving birth for the first time, or ones expecting a multiple birth. The medical literature suggests that women with the condition are three times more likely to give birth to more than one child than other women.

That prospect led to a whole new round of speculation in the media. The last set of royal twins were born to Denmark's Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederick in January 2011. 

This form of morning sickness also leads to severe dehydration, hence the caution of entering hospital.

BabyIt also leads to a change in the betting shops around Britain. The odds of Kate having twins dropped from 50-1 to 8-1 at Paddy Power. Bets can also be placed on the name, weight, sex, hair colour, time of birth and even godparents (Prince Harry's favoured, but David Beckam is 22-1).

The Telegraph consulted a spreadsheet of baby statistics to determine that in all likelihood, Will and Kate's child will be a girl who will grow to about 5-foot-10. This is based on Kate's current condition (which results in 56 per cent chance of a girl), and a study showing that men who were pilots (ie. William) were slightly more likely to have daughters.

Whatever the sex, the child would become third in line for the throne behind Prince Charles and William. The Commonwealth countries agreed last year to rid the Royal Marriages Act of its gender bias toward male heirs.

If there were twins, the first one to enter the world would be the heir.

Members of the media wait outside the King Edward VII hospital in London on Tuesday, awaiting any sign of royal visitors. (Reuters)

There was no debate over what made the front page in UK's national newspapers for Tuesday morning. (Getty Images)


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I'm not being mean, but I imagine the nurses are basically telling Kate that her Size 0 figure is not condusive to a healthy baby, nor the energy levels required to have one. I'd expect them to be providing her with a 2000+ calorie per day dietary plan to delivery the next healthy member to the throne. I'd also imagine that it is about 2x-3x what she is currently eating, so it will be a big shock to her. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating here, in fact I think she is absolutely beautiful, especially her body!!!!!!

This should be a happy time for the royal couple who have frequented a variety of news sources recently. With Kate being in the hospital I think the media should lay off, they practically forced the announcement of the pregnancy. Despite the amount of media coverage the royal couple deserve some peace and quite in this trying time.

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