Prince Harry video turns crisis into ice cream run

Prince Harry conducted numerous interviews at Camp Bastion before Christmas under an agreement that they would be aired until he had left Afghanistan at the end his deployment. (Reuters)

The beauty of technology is that it can turn anything into a viral joke.

With the multitude of video released this week featuring Prince Harry being interviewed in Afghanistan, you had to figure there were going to be a few liberties taken.

One of the clever ones comes out of the dramatic moment when, mid-interview, Harry turns to see his army mates scrambling to their helicopters in an emergency call and he immediately tears off his mircophone and joins the chase.

A YouTube contributor, "producertom85," twisted the reality just a bit to re-create the drama into a run for ice cream. Not everyone thought it appropriate in a serious situation judging by comments, but it became a hot item on Reddit pretty quickly. Some actually believed it was real, though, as one post noted, it was more of a "Dessert Storm" moment.

You be the judge:



Queen june3
The gaze of young Princes Charles is directed toward an oncoming flight of jet planes by his mother during a fly-past over Buckingham Palace on coronation day, June 3, 1953.

One thing about royals -- they are the ultimate hoarders.

Throw out old clothes? Wouldn't think of it. Someday, somewhere, they'll come in handy.

That day comes this summer when Buckingham Palace opens up its door to an exhibit marking the 60th anniversary of the Queen's coronation at Westminster Abbey.

Charles-anneFrom deep in the Royal Collection's closet, curator Caroline de Guitaut dug out many of the garments worn by the royals on that June 3, 1953 day, right down to the page boy shoes worn by 4-year-old Charles (right, with sister Anne). All are in "really good condition," said de Guitaut.

"This show, because it is such an auspicious anniversary, will be on an unprecedented scale," she said. "It will be the first time that these outfits have been brought together since 1953."

The most elaborate of the costumes, of course, was the Queen's jewel-encrusted satin gown by Norman Hartnell, accompanied by the robe of estate, which measures 6.5 metres.

Princess Anne, then 2, wore a silk and lace gown. Charles had silk shirt with lace-trimmed cuffs, which would remind those of a certain age of Jerry Seinfeld's 'puffy shirt.'

The exhibit is part of the summer opening of Buckingham Palace, running from July 27 until Sept. 29.

A Palace employee poses in the Throne Room with the outfits worn by the Prince Charles and Princess Anne at Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. (AP Photo)

The golden coach arrives at Buckingham Palace after the coronation at Westminster Abbey on June 3, 1953. (Royal Collection)




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