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Denmark produces enough energy from wind power to satisfy the entire nation’s electricity demand

In the wee hours of Monday morning, when most of Denmark was still sleeping, the country created a record: it produced enough energy from wind power to satisfy the entire nation’s electricity demand.

The statistics were revealed on Energinet, the company that runs Denmark’s grid and tracks how much energy is being produced, consumed, exported and imported.

How did it happen?

Denmark’s total electricity demand was at 3.5 gigawatts (GW), its wind turbines produced a mind-blowing 3.8 GW.

It exported 2.2 GW worth of electricity to Norway, Sweden and Germany.

This feat, though, comes in the midst of a powerful snowstorm affecting most of the country that would have been a factor behind the increased wind power generation.

But it still provides ammunition to environmentalists who have argued that wind power works and is viable.

While on records, on May 26 2012, Germany set the world record for solar power generation when it met half of the country’s electricity demand.

Raveena Aulakh is the Toronto Star's environment reporter. She is intrigued by climate change and its impact, now and long-term. Follow her on Twitter @raveenaaulakh


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