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VIDEO: Clumsy burglary attempt goes viral



Police in a far Northern California city are asking for the public's help in identifying the suspect in a botched burglary. But if the man is wearing the same bright pants and jacket seen in surveillance footage, they may not need it.

The video released Wednesday by Redding police shows the man walking up to a closed grocery store in the middle of the night and looking inside through its front window.

He walks away but quickly returns, his face covered with what appears to be a black stocking. He throws something at the window, cracking it.

The man then flees, tripping twice, once on a parking curb. He is wearing a brightly patterned jacket and pants.

Police say they responded to a burglary alarm at the grocery store at about 1 a.m. on March 5.

- AP


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You have got to be kidding!!
(Well, not 'you', but you know what I mean.) This guy shows his face, does an 'oops', then throws a small brick (I dunno what else to call it) and then bails!! Belongs on worlds worst criminals!

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