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Palin rant doesn't Czech out

You can't make this stuff up.

But the satirical Daily Currant did, and that's the problem.

In a blog earlier this week, the tongue-in-cheeky "global satirical newspaper of record" said that former American VP candidate Sarah Palin was itching to invade the Czech Republic after the Boston marathon attack by suspected Chechen bombers.

"We don't know anything about these suspects yet," said a fabricated interview between Palin and Fox News. "But we know they were Muslims from the Czech Republic."

And the pretend Palin added, "I betcha I speak for a lot of Americans when I say I want to go over there right now and start teaching those folks a lesson. And let's not stop at the Czech Republic. Let's go after all the other Arab countries too.

"The Arabians need to learn that they can't keep comin' over here and blowing stuff up. Let's set off a couple of nukes in Islamabad, burn down Prague, then bomb the heck out of Tehran. We need to show them we mean business."

But the editors at Poland's weekly Wprost weren't laughing. After all, they'd heard that kind of talk before, and it was backed up with tanks.

"Let's burn Prague Sarah Palin Calls for the Invasion of the Czech Republic," its headline gasped, shortly before an oops moment arrived via a questioning Facebook post from someone who got it. The article disappeared from the website faster than Palin could skin a moose.

Not so in the conservative twittersphere, where Palin supporters continued to foam at the keys.

"Low information simpleons," tweeted one, adding that "most progressives (neo communist liberals) also believed Sarah said she could see Russia from her porch."

You mean she couldn't?

The geographically-challenged Palin is no stranger to satire. During the 2008 election campaign she was pranked by the Quebec comedy duo The Masked Avengers, who called her up in the guise of French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

And Tina Fey, whose celebrated Palin impersonations outlived the former Alaska governor's campaign, reprised the act earlier this year on Inside the Actors Studio.

For Palin's foes the results were hilarious.

But here's a sobering thought: although Palin and Republican presidential hopeful John McCain lost by a substantial margin, her Tea Party supporters are as strong as ever and her influence in the Republican party -- as an anti-gun-control and social conservative poster girl -- makes her a force to be reckoned with for future candidates.

The Czechs have dodged the bullet. But Washington might still need to duck.

Olivia Ward covered the 2008 and 2012 U.S. elections, and has written about conflicts, politics and human rights from the former Soviet Union to the Middle East and South Asia. She has never shot or skinned a moose. 


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Palin a force to be reckoned with? Please, she's a has-been who is desperately trying to keep her name in the spotlight.

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