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Switzerland to European job seekers: We don't want you

In wake of the news this week of an exodus in Spain, the Alpine nation of Switzerland is warning western Europeans that they are full up. 

The Associated Press reported on Wednesday that the Swiss government is planning on restricting immigration from some euro countries to its small, but wealthy non-European Union state.

Switzerland already has restrictions on long-term residence permits for those from eight eastern European countries, the AP noted.  And now they want to apply quotas for a one-year period starting in May for other nations -- notably those in the economically struggling west and south, the news agency reported.

Apparently, the number of foreign job seekers rises about 80,000 per year. And once people are in Switzerland, nobody wants to leave.

Really, who could blame those flocking to the land of clean air and mountains?

Most of Europe is struggling under sky-high unemployment rates.

Consider the latest sobering round of data from Eurostat on job seekers. Eurostat reports 26.3 million adults in the 27-member European Union were unemployed as of February 2013.

That is a rise of 76,000 since January 2013, and, compared to last year's unemployment numbers that has risen by a staggering 1.8 million.

Somebody pass the chocolates and Swiss cheese.

Tanya Talaga is the Star’s global economics reporter. Follow her on Twitter @tanyatalaga



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Can we copy that smart approach here in Canada?

My niece has an internship with Roche for next few years. Switzerland wants you, if they want you. My niece does not live in or work in CH or plans to immigrate there. Everybody is ok. CH never has been a country to move to. Park your $ yes, park yourself no.

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