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Yahoo Finance falls for TechCrunch April Fools' Day post

Yesterday, April 1, TechCrunch posted a story claiming that Facebook was in talks to buy Bang With Friends, an app that lets users of the social network discreetly notify friends they want to have sex with.

"The acquisition will be a $30 million deal in both cash and stock, as that seems to be the standard M&A terms for gimmicky startups these days," TechCrunch wrote.

"....rumors that Google is building a competitive hook-up platform called Google F*ck Now also hastened the deal," it continued.

"We’re also hearing that Yahoo’s Adam Cahan had made the startup a competitive offer, but the founders eschewed the portal because of Marissa Mayer’s controversial “bang from home” ban," the story concluded.

Everybody knows that the Internet loves April Fools' Day. But Yahoo Finance seems to have missed that memo, since it picked up the story this morning and ran it (attributing the news to TechCrunch, of course.)

For safety's sake, TechCrunch just ran a clarifying tweet:

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