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Here comes (a little) sun

A gentle bit of joy at a Madrid unemployment centre last January has some new resonance this morning with the news that the Eurozone has climbed out of recession.

An unraucous flashmob of classical musicians and singers popped up in the quiet and gloomy confines of the Spanish jobless centre to sing a rendition of the Beatles' "Here comes the Sun."


"We try to bring a little light into a dark place," say the organizers, Carne Cruda 2.0. Carne Cruda is the second incarnation of a satirical radio show aired on Spain's Cadenza Sur radio.

Local musicians and singer Sheila Blanco performed the piece. Stunned unemployment office clients applauded at the end but there was a noticeable absence of the smartphone picture-taking most flashmobs get.

The first version, aired by Spain's Radio 3, had been cancelled as too expensive last year, although presenter and creator Javier Gallego contended the move was political, coming several months after a new federal government was elected and a new head of the public broadcasting corporation appointed.

Spain is still hammered by a 26.3 per cent unemployment rate, one of the grimmest corners of a struggling Eurozone. Still, the countries that collectively use the Euro as their currency declared an end to the 18-month recession that has gripped them, even if the growth is just 0.3 per cent.


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