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Battle of the Christmas commercials (or, time to get out the tissues)

In Britain, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. At least on the telly.

No snow, I'm told; no festive carols (yet), no drunken revelers in the street (again, yet.) But last week saw the release of the much-anticipated - truly - John Lewis and Marks and Spencer holiday commercials. This is an event. It makes the news! 

They're as much a part of the season as awkward office parties and tacky lights on Oxford Street. But they tend to be, well, kind of wonderful.

In particular, the ads for upscale department store John Lewis are guaranteed to make you weep, unless you're heartless and unkind don't like nice things happening to nice people (or bunnies, or bears.) Watch:


Last year's advert featured a snowman going on a hunt for the perfect gift for his missus. Let me tell you, the highway is no place for a brave, determined, yet fragile snowperson! See what I mean:


In fact, the John Lewis ads are so beloved the Daily Telegraph invites you to watch five and vote for your favorite and I really couldn't recommend more forcefully that you do so.

I find this year's ad for M&S less moving. Model-of-the-moment Rosie Huntington-Whitley falls down a sewer grate and seems to lose her clothes quite frequently. (Well, M&S is known for its underwear.) And then Helena Bonham-Carter shows up: 


You can also vote on what Rosie's dog should be called, if you're so inclined.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. The upshot of all this? Someone on my list is definitely getting an alarm clock this year.

 Jennifer Quinn is a foreign affairs and investigative reporter at the Star. As a journalist with the Associated Press, based in London, she wrote extensively about British politics. Follow her on Twitter @JQStar.


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Don't bears eat rabbits? Maybe he came out for dinner? I'm so sick of "NOW'S TIME TO SHOP!!!" Hallowe'en's over--When does Christmas start? November 1. That's right folks--time to consume. Why not start with rabbit stew!!! LOL!!!

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